Multi Depositors

The UNIFILLER Multi Depositors Series offers very flexible and versatile machines for multi-row-depositing to achieve maximum production volumes. They can be quickly and easily integrated into production and packaging lines. Our multi depositing systems make the gentle, precisely weighed depositing of even sensitive, lumpy or liquid products easily possible!


  • Highest production rates
  • Accurate portion control in every single nozzle
  • Depositing through 4 to 12 outlets simultaneously
  • Depositing of lumpy products without compromising the product quality
  • Extremely gentle depositing of even the most sensitive products
  • Adjustable depositing speed and portion size
  • Full stainless steel construction allows for quick cleaning
  • Easy product change and quick disassembling without any tools
  • Mobile frame for flexible use
  • Different depositing modes available for choice
  • User-friendly operation with only a few settings

Multi Depositors

Multi Piston

Servo Multi

Multi Station


  • 4 to 8-lane portioning
  • Designed to operate on conveyor belts
  • Nozzle centre can be adjusted without any tools
  • Highest production rates
  • 4- up to 12-lane depositing
  • Accurate portion control in every single nozzle
  • Gentle processing even of chunky and delicate products
  • 6 different depositing modes to choose from
  • With servo drive, recipe storage and colour touchscreen
  • Integrated nozzle bridge with lifting/lowering function
  • Option for controlling an external conveyor belt or integration into an automatic production system
  • 6- or 8 nozzle configuration for highest production rates
  • Accurate portion control in each nozzle
  • Deposits even chunky and liquid products without compromising the product quality
  • With integrated conveyor belt, servo drive and PLC control
  • A variety of accessories allows the flexible use for a wide variety of products


up to 207 ml per nozzle10 ml – 530 ml per nozzle5 ml – 255 ml per nozzle


60 litres60 litres42 litres


up to 40 rows/minup to 120 rows/minup to 120 rows/min




13 mm19 mm19 mm





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